House Portraits in Watercolour
The story behind the little gift…

"One weekend my children and I were invited to stay with friends in the country. We had often been there before, taking wine, flowers, chocolates etc. in appreciation of their generous hospitality. However, this time I wanted to think up something less predictable and the idea dawned upon me early one morning whilst walking our dog round our host’s wonderful house shining in the sun. It was a picture worth capturing and fortunately I had my camera. On return to London I quickly had the film developed, painted the little water colour from the best photo and framed it."

It was easy to post off in the bubble wrap with a thank you note tucked just inside. My host was thrilled, so much so that when he visited friends in Portugal, he took a photo of their house and sent it to me to paint another water colour, this time from his photo. Subsequently, that same Portugese family stayed with friends in Switzerland where they digitally photographed their Swiss lodgings and emailed the photo to me to produce it in water colour.

I also find it’s fun to paint London town houses in water colour. There is always room for a miniature from the grandest mansion to the smallest flat. I now find house photos in my post from America, Europe and the Caribbean, from which I paint water colour miniatures for the senders to give as little gifts. But sometimes I know they keep them for themselves.

The cost is £250 plus postage and packaging. These water colours are priced unframed but are carefully positioned on a wide, thick, bevelled mount which is hinged on backing. A choice of frames is offered at additional cost.